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VOLT SUPPLY LLC is the energy efficiency of the future. The company acts as a reliable supplier of turnkey energy resources on the wholesale market. Our partners include Ukrainian enterprises that are building business in light and heavy industry, the agricultural and food sectors, as well as international holdings.

Supply and sale
of electricity, natural gas, coal and diesel fuel

We strive to provide a new high quality of energy supply services in all regions of Ukraine


If your company is considering the possibility of obtaining electricity, gas, fuel, and coal supplies, please contact us.
Additional service
Consultation - provision of up-to-date and complete information for any market participant in the field of our activity.

Help with documentation - we constantly monitor changes in legislation and take care of the entire document flow.

24/7 support - an individual approach to everything, allows our partners not to be distracted by the energy efficiency of their facilities.


Delivery anywhere in Ukraine.
Energy audit of pricing.

Natural gas

Delivery to any point of Ukraine.
The possibility of storing your resource in the underground gas storage of Ukraine.

Diesel fuel

Delivery to any point of Ukraine. Wholesale or regular customers get an additional discount! Guaranteed quality according to the certificate.


It is not possible to order now.
Information line:
+38 (044) 490 45 58 or office@volts.energy
Mon-Fri: 09:30 – 18:00 (GMT+2)

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